Wednesday, March 12, 2014

She's Gonna Find Her Way ...

WOW. It's incredibly hard to believe that my baby girl's senior high school musical's opening night is tonight. Unless you've been living under a rock for the past eleven months you know it's "Legally Blonde," and you know Christie has the leading role of Elle Woods. You know how proud we are, you know how hard she's worked, you may have even heard the story (some of you more than once -Sorry!) of how she's dreamed of playing this role since she saw it on broadway for her thirteenth birthday and how upon coming home from that trip she immediately purchased the cast recording and made her sister play it repeatedly. How Christie wished again and again that Wilson would do it one day and OMG! What if they did her senior year? Yada, yada, yada.

What you don't know is what an incredibly bittersweet feeling it is to have it all finally here. To think that 72 hours from now it will all be a memory. The adorable Amanda Guistwite who played Elle last summer in Genesius Theater's run of the production gave Christie the best advice. To stop, even in the midst of everything, and try to take it all in because before you know it, it's over.

As a member of the Wilson Theater Boosters and raffle chairperson for Supper Serenade this year I had a lot of work to do from the get go. As Elle's mom I got more involved in helping with a production than I ever have. From promoting the show and ticket sales, to wardrobe - including searching high and low for the perfect pair of boots, dress, or pink leather jacket, it's been a wild and often exhausting ride.

Add to that the job of keeping Christie healthy, not as easy as it sounds. In a role as demanding as this where she's literally off stage only for quick costume changes and she's singing and dancing eighty percent of the time, it's been of paramount importance to keep going. Vitamin regimens, throat teas and sprays, humidifiers, lots of water, and as much rest as possible.

It all has been very time consuming but to be able to make this experience the best for Christie I wouldn't have had it any other way. I am expecting a huge let down after the final curtain falls Saturday night. Okay in reality I'm going to be exhausted so more realistically it will hit Sunday. As my good friend (and Christie's co-star Ryan's mom) Melinda puts it, "We've been running on this stress high and then all of the sudden it's going to be over."It will definitely be a case of gone but not forgotten. DVD viewing party?! :)

To my husband, who has patiently put up with me being so wrapped up with Christie and Jordan (Yes if you didn't already know my boy is in vocal ensemble and has a tiny appearance in the show too) I say this: I love you so much for your understanding and your support. For even though you are a "sports" guy you've come to support the theater company and help out when you are needed, especially at Supper Serenade. For the nights dinner didn't get made and for the nights I fell into bed and couldn't keep my eyes open long enough to watch more than the opening credits of our favorite tv shows. For enduring months of relentless LB chatter and not grumbling too much about it. And of course for the financial obligations that have come along with this all. But mostly for how proud you are of Christie and all she's accomplished. (We did pretty good, huh?)

To my oldest daughter, my Kyrie. Even though you're an adult I know it's been tough to have everything be about Christie. LOL It's like revenge of the middle child! And even when she has frustrated to the point where no jury in the world would find you guilty, you still have been there for her. And see dad's section above on the LB chatter because I know you are way over it too! Thank you for loving Christie, no matter what, and supporting her. You too couldn't be more different, and yet you're like peanut butter and jelly. Or milk and cookies. One's not truly complete without the other being there for them.

To Jordan. I know how much you love the show and WTC. Your dream role may be Emmett and who knows, one day you may just play him! This time around it's Christie's spotlight but you'll have many more opportunities and I can't wait to be there to love and support you. You're going to be the third Fisher to do great things on the Wilson Stage ... I just know it!

And finally to Christie:

Watching you at dress rehearsal tonight I was beyond proud. You have taken a dream and made it a reality. When a person is lucky enough to have this opportunity and own it like you do ... that's something special. You've worked SO hard on this and you've held your head high and rose above any negativity that comes when you are the one cast as the lead. You've been true to yourself.

All that matters now is that for the next 72 hours you ARE Elle! Go out there, have fun, and make yourself a ton of memories. And THANK YOU. Watching you in this performance has filled my heart with joy and pride for the amazing young woman you are. I could not ask for more.

I love you ... XOXO