Sunday, September 25, 2016

Chemo Care Gift Basket

You're feeling at a loss because someone you love or care about has been diagnosed with cancer. You'd like to do something to help them in their journey to recovery, but what? One suggestion is helping out with meals, or giving restaurant/gas station gift cards. Another unique idea is to put together a chemo care gift basket, including items that will help along the road to recovery. This is a basket I recently made for a loved one suffering from cancer.

Comfy Throw: Soft and/or silky are the keys here. A patient undergoing chemo has sensitive skin!

Sleep Mask & Ear Plugs: Sleep is SUPER important when it comes to recovery. These aids can help bring the ZZZZ's on, and perhaps give some solitude during treatment sessions. I found the most amazing lightweight, contoured sleep mask at Amazon. Loved it so much I bought one for myself!

Soft Chemo Sleep Cap: With hair loss comes a sensitive scalp, not only to temperature but to texture as well. A cap can comfort as well as warm. Another suggestion I've seen is a silk pillow case.

An Inspirational Book: I strongly recommend “Mom’s Marijuana” - a surprisingly funny & inspiring cancer memoir by Dan Shapiro. 

Travel Mug: “Secretly hoping chemo gives me super powers” available from CafePress. Please note this item contains stainless steel which may affect taste. 

Coffee Mug: “Chemo-sawbee. You can do this.” Inside of cup “That’s all.” available from

For Nausea:
Cola Syrup - Cheaper if your local Pharmacy carries it! 
Sea-band wristbands - Acupressure wristbands clinically shown to help with stomach sickness

CHERRY LifesaversHeavy medicines often result in a metallic taste in the mouth, making food even more unappealing. When my dad couldn't eat a nurse told us about Cherry original Lifesavers. They worked wonders for him and he ate his first meal in months after trying them. Please note: They MUST be Cherry flavored!

Biotene Oral Mouth Rinse & Toothpaste:  Oral hygeine is very important however mouth sores can make it painful. Find an oral mouth rinse and toothpaste that moisturizes without alcohol, such as Biotene.

Bag Balm Tin: Exceptional moisturizer for dry hands and feet. Farmers have been using it to treat cow udders since 1899. It does wonders for humans as well!

GERM DEFENSE! Help keep a weakened immune system strong, however beware of products with high alcohol content as they can further dry out and irritate sensitive skin.
Hands2GoAlcohol free foaming small size hand sanitizer

These are just some ideas I used but you can tailor them as you need. Most items can be purchased from Amazon but be sure to check your local Target, Walmart, or your pharmacy to check for the best pricing.

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